About Us

The smallest step in the right direction will end up being the biggest step of your life.

Astitva was conceived in 2010 with the vision to reach out and touch lives. Every individual is born with a unique identity and a beautiful mind, you just need to discover it.

Asha Gnanaolivu
Child Development And Rehabilitation Specialist

Beautiful Minds Astitva was borne out of the stories of people’s lives and personal experiences that impacted Asha’s life.

Asha has a degree in Psychology and began her career as a counsellor, helping adults and children to resolve personal, social, educational and psychological concerns, to improve their sense of well‐being. She is a Child Development and Rehabilitation Specialist. She has worked in the areas of special needs, de-addiction, juvenile delinquency, and psychological well-being of both adults and children. Children have always been close to her heart.

Having an experience of more than 20 years in the field of rehabilitation, she also conducts training sessions and workshops for professionals to enhance their skills. She also won the Bhoomika Iconic woman of the year award in 2017 for her contribution in the field of rehabilitation.

Management Team

Margret Fernandes
Operations Manager
Nithya G
Communications Manager
Jai Prabhu
Accounts & Finance Manager
Shanti Gnanaolivu
Principal Of Bethany Special School
Priya Mathilakath
Head HR – Corporate & Retail, Titan
Surender Gnanaolivu
Senior Consultant Retail Design Experience
Dr. Pradeep Muthaiya
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Department of Speech

Naveena Grace Issac
Speech Therapist
MASLP, OPT Level 2
Ayisha Shoukheen K
Speech Therapist
Sushree Dash
Speech Therapist

Department of Physio & Occupational Therapy

Zuhra Farheen
MPT Pediatric
Shruti Thommen
Occupational Therapist
Masters in Occupational Therapy
(Mental health and psychosocial rehabilitation)
arun selvi
Arun Selvi
Senior Consultant and Advisor
MPT pediatrics, PG Dip NDT
Latha .P
Senior Occupational Therapist

Department of Psychology & Mental Wellbeing

Rachel Nithya Karat
Child Adolescent Counsellor
Program Development Manager
MSc Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychologist
MPhil. CLinical Psychology
Shree Soumeya S
Yoga Therapist
BSc Yoga